Editing And Proof Reading

Our proof reading and editing does not have a specific turnaround. The turnround around is depended on the work of the project.

Cover & Book Design

We do both cover and book design. You tell us what you need then we see to it that we delever to you the best work quality designs that meets your theme project and more.

Author/Book Website

We design website for books and authors. You tell us what you want, we would advise, then both you and us would find the best way forward.

We do not have a specific turnaround period for design and web development. The turnaround period is determined by the specific project.

Printing And Packaging

Once your complete materials are submitted for printing it take two weeks to prepare everything neatly and read.

ISBN Registration & Barcodes Image

Getting an ISBN is easy, you may do it with the South African National Library. Once that is done you may come to us to transform you ISBN to a high quality barcode for you book

We offer different formats for barcodes (PNG, JPEG, PDF & EPS)

    How Much Will IT Cost?

    Because the writer's needs and projects are different, we will charge according to the writer's unique projects.

    We do not have specific packaging prices. This makes the process more efficient.

    Contact Our Support Team at: for information about project prices and more.

    Come work with us to experience the best client service. You are more than a client to us.