Walking Through The Pain Of Stillbirth: A Mother Of An Angel

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The Pain of losing a child can’t be explained, it is unbearable. Visualise your head being chopped off and half your body leaving you. When I lost my precious angel, I was told from the beginning that burial matters will be handled by elderly women (65 years and older). They took over without including or considering me as the father. Which of course prevented me from saying my last goodbyes to my daughter. The loss of my daughter has changed my perception of life, mainly that we do not have control over life. Children are a gift; the best gift you can ever receive.

That we are custodians and channels to care, raise and guide them – but we do not own them. Aubrey Matimba Ngobeni in our society, the pain of stillbirth is one of those events unspoken about. We dance around the pain and hope for healing, without understanding the depth of giving birth to a dead baby. With this book, I am hoping to bring the pain of stillbirth to the open and make it discussion-friendly. The fact that my husband walked with me through the pain, will make the subject more approachable among men. Making something out of the pain for both of us.

Khanyisa Shirindzi-Ngobeni “A mother is not defined by the number of children she has, but by the love she holds in her heart. This book talks to all the mothers holding their babies in their hearts instead of their arms.” Ornella Nhlayekiso Shirindzi “For those parents whose children are alive but not being held yet in the presence of their hands, this book will infuse the compassion and yearning inside them to seize the moment and to make it right with their children.” Eunice Rakhale-Molefe CEM Publishers Heritage & Legacy Building Through Self-Publishing.


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