The Right Skills for Gigs

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Contributors/ Author: Sandile Nondlwana

ISBN: 978-0-620-88507-2

Set as a drama which plays out in Cape Town, this book skilfully tackles the burning issue of high unemployment rate amongst the youth of our country. While making use of gripping drama, the author offers a plethora of ways by which the youth can join the bandwagon of gig economy - where people simply rely on flexible online platforms and earn income as contractors, freelancers as well as business-owners.

Actually, the whole book is about a whole host of creative ways which the youth of today need to consider in order to generate income for themselves, rather than to wait for the employment opportunities from the government. It's definite must-read, especially for the people who want to be part of the 4th industrial revolution. And it's highly recommended for learners and young people in general.


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