The Cricket Bachelor

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Contributors/ Author: Phumlani Handile

ISBN: 978-0-620-95302-3

The cricket bachelor book will teach you to believe in true love. In this book, the cricket bachelor is from the dusty rural village of lady frère a few kilometers from Queenstown. He is from a much-respected family, but not a wealthy family, a family that offered the basic needs and few luxury lifestyles which is only a car and nothing major. The cricket bachelor has a humbling background. His grandfather was a cricket player and rugby player back in the days. People should learn how humble was the cricket bachelor to move from one relationship to another to find true love, but dating in a Christian way, with the principle of no sex before marriage until he received the love of his life in Cape Town. Finally, he got married and has two kids, a boy and a girl. The cricket bachelor (mark chase) loved cricket very much, just like his grandfather. He even got his wife when he was watching cricket in Cape town at Newland cricket ground.


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