Legacy of a rain queen -The eagles Martial

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Contributors/ Author: Karabo Finger

ISBN: 978-0-620-85721-5

Nolwazi Rahlaga is a survivor of a car crash that killed both her parents when she was but three months old. We follow the story of her awakening to her true identity as the last in the line of great queens and kings. Living in a self-made security bubble, fearful of a violent past and unaware of the responsibilities resting upon her shoulders; she must undergo a unique and painful initiation in order to reawaken the spirit of Modjadji, the rainmaking queen of the Balobedu tribe. Set in 2016 Nelspruit, Nolwazi lives an ordinary life in post-apartheid South Africa, teaching African History at the local university. She meets Mohale Motlalepula, a man who triggers her spiritual awakening. We discover their shared past lives in 1623 Zimbabwe where he was a powerful warrior who helped her escape her father and his deadly plot to have her destiny as the first rain queen denied. Legacy of a Rain Queen, The Eagles Martial is a first in a three part historical saga that follows the lives of the legendary Rain Queens of the Balobedu.


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