Embrace Change: Flourish In Times Of Challenges & Crisis

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Contributors/ Author: Rorisang Maimane

ISBN: 978-0-620-77410-9

I love you and I believe that you deserve to flourish and enjoy deep success. I also believe that you deserve to live a purpose driven life that is filled with love, satisfaction, blessings, and dreams that come true all the time.

The heart of this book focuses on you, the only person who matters most and the life that you want to create for yourself. You are a winner, you are a blessing and your life is important; everything you want to achieve is very close to your reach.

 I have had my share of crisis and challenges, and because I embraced change and worked my way through, I am able to boldly extend my successes and best practices to everyone who is willing to enjoy the satisfaction of rising above all challenges.

 My challenges were not any different from what most of you are going through now, what is different is how I was able to rise and gain the advantage over my challenges. In our engagement with this book, you will learn to turn challenges into successful opportunities. You will use your skills, best abilities to create the life that you deserve while embarking on a great journey of leading a purpose driven life. You are everything you need to succeed in life.

Do you ever feel trapped, not moving in your life as you wanted or planned? Are you not achieving your dreams? Not sure what to do with your life, what path you should take? Does success escape from you every day despite giving your best efforts? Are you struggling to get your life in order? Perhaps your life and work are no longer fulfilling and you feel like there is more to your life. Please be cheerful, I will guide you to create opportunities with your skills, gifts and even better you will begin to work on your purpose. I know that you feel that there is more to life than what you know, and yes there is more to life, you can do more with your life and move to greater heights with your business, personal life and more.

The answer to all your challenges is in your purpose, skills, and abilities. Purpose backed up by hard work, knowledge, understanding and exercising your gifts, skills and possibilities will help you to take back your power and authority over circumstances; you will control your goals, processes and desired results, you will be able to predict your success and influence all actions to help you enjoy deep satisfaction and success.


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