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Life on Stilettos: Real stories of survivors of gender-based violence

Gender based violence has been making headlines throughout the year in South Africa with men and women vowing to help survivors of gender based violence.

A young woman from the dusty streets of Hammanskraal, Stinkwater in Pretoria Hope Rasekhula wrote a book that has real life stories of survivors of gender based viole...

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The Sitholes Succeeding Together Within The Struggle


With their first book launched earlier this month, Siyabonga and Lindiwe Sithole authors of Succeeding Together Within the Struggle cannot wait for their second book to be published.

Succeeding Together Within the Struggle is a book about marriage; its challenges and ways to overcome them.

It highlights issues ...

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Types of introductions to choose from when writing a book

An introduction is the most important part of your writing because it's usually the first thing people read. If it is boring then believe or not; people will not read it. See introduction as being given 60 seconds to sell your product with no second chances. You will give it your all right? Alright, when doing a presentation the first thing that attracts people is the way you dressed right? That dressing part, in this case, is your book cover. Secondly, the way you...

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