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Writing ideas and literary genres

It is often said that writing is too complicated; well it is but not that hard. You just need to know what to write about and what type of literary genre you want to venture into.

 A literary genre is defined as a style of writing. There are different types of writing genres such as fiction, and non-fiction. However, there are sub-classifications to those writing genres like romance, comedy, horror, and fantasy just to mention a few.

According to an article published on April 2...

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Do we really have to know?

First Published in Threaded Masquerade – US Literary Journal


How long do you need to know someone until you have made up your mind that they are all you will need.

A second….Maybe, if all you need to be jubilant is to know their name.

An hour….Perhaps, if you need to know their study or where they chose to live.

A day….Possibly, if all you need to feel affection, is to know of their relatives and the strength of their

last ...

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Man makes plans. God laughs

2018 - 2019 was a year of many endings for me. I picked to close doors. I severed friendships that didn’t serve me. I walked away from bad eating habits. I watched less news. I walked away from jobs were a strain and stress (I was so sick my body was shutting down). I walked away from accumulating nonsense – all in the name of being on-trend.

Instead, I walked towards spending time doing the things I most enjoy like reading, hiking, having a glass of wine in my garden while watchin...

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